iXLife is a private investment firm focused on emerging life sciences companies. iXLife was created with the mission to invest in and catalyze the development of breakthrough life science therapies and products. iXLife’s investment portfolio includes therapeutic and diagnostic companies, each taking creative approaches to cancer, neurologic, and other diseases. iXLife is backed by the iXCore group, a global organization that develops and markets a broad range of advanced-technology solutions.



 G1J Ile-de-France. Providing biotech companies with early-stage funding, G1J Ile-de-France is a biotech-dedicated, pre-seed fund that was set up in collaboration with France’s Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations state savings and investment bank. Over the period 2000-2011, the fund invested €2,4 million in Genopole® portfolio start-ups and has leveraged investment totaling €163,8 million in 30 companies. Since mid-2008 (and an additional €5 million round of fundraising), the G1J Ile-de-France has extended its activity to early-stage investment in innovative companies throughout the Paris Ile-de-France region. G1J Ile-de-France works hand-in-hand with all the region’s company incubators to promote the emergence of promising projects which, thanks to early-stage funding and support, will be able to attract investors at the various steps in corporate life. Since 2010, management of the portfolio has been entrusted to CapDecisif Management.

Inserm Transfert Initiative is a seed-capital company that raised €35.5 million in new funding in 2012. It focuses on providing seed capital and first-round financing for innovative young companies in the biomedical field. Inserm Transfert Initiative was created in 2005 through an equal partnership between four providers of finance to biotech start-ups: Inserm Transfert SA, CDC Entreprises, Natexis Venture Selection and Sofinnova Partners. Inserm Transfert Initiative supports biotech entrepreneurs in the early stages of their companies’ development. Currently, Inserm-Transfert Initiative has shares in 15 innovative companies.