Vx-006 has completed a phase I clinical trial.

VAXON Biotech’s second drug candidate, Vx-006, is a polypeptide composed of three optimized cryptic peptides derived from three different universal tumor antigens (MAGE, TERT, HER-2/neu), presented in patients expressing HLA-A2 (40-45% of humans). It is noteworthy that the MAGE-A derived cryptic peptide is the only one that is shared by all MAGE-A molecules (MAGE-A, A2, A3, A4, A6, A10, A12). Indeed, targeting several peptides derived from different antigens will further enhance the global efficacy of cryptic peptides technology.

Vx-006 has completd a Phase I escalating dose trial. Results showed that Vx-006 is safe and able to generate a multispecific immune response against all three antigens it is composed of in 30% of vaccinated patients.