Dr. Kostas Kosmatopoulos, MD, PhD. Dr. Kosmatopoulos, Founder, is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of VAXON Biotech. Dr Kosmatopoulos was Research Director at INSERM and head of a laboratory specializing in tumor immunotherapy in the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif, France. Dr. Kosmatopoulos has co-authored more than 50 scientific and international publications. He received his medical degree at the University of Thessaloniki, his medical oncology certification from Theagenion Cancer Research Institute, Greece, and his PhD in Immunology (Doctorat d’Etat en Immunologie) at Paris XI University, France.

Dr. Jeanne Menez-Jamet, PhD, is Head of Nonclinical Development of VAXON Biotech. Dr. Menez-Jamet received her PhD in 2000, at the Institut National Agronomique de Paris-Grignon, in microorganics genetics. After a post-doctoral position at the Gustave Roussy Institute, she co-founded VAXON Biotech. She is currently in charge of the research and preclinical development of VAXON’s next-generation cancer vaccines.

Dr. Catherine Gallou, PhD, is Project Leader in VAXON Biotech. Dr. Gallou received her PhD degree at the University PARIS V in molecular genetics. She joined VAXON Biotech in 2011. She manages the VAXON Biotech laboratory and is in charge of preclinical and in vitro human testing of the novel vaccine candidates developed by VAXON Biotech.

Aude Rougeot, is in charge of the TERT typing of patients enrolled in the Vx-001-201 study. She joined VAXON Biotech in 2013, following VAXON’s decision to internalize TERT typing in Evry, France.

Fabienne Meurice, administration manager